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    Gender Wars

    The technology industry often takes credit for the changing world of work. One example is the model of remote employees working as digital nomads in their favourite coffee shop, connected via Slack and collaborating via the cloud to create products and services for consumption over the internet or on smartphones and tablets. But what about work within the technology industry itself? We take a look at the profile of women in technology and compare it with the profile of their male counterparts.

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    Developer Relations vs Developer Marketing Which Side are You On?

    Have you ever wondered what the difference is between developer marketing and developer relations? And what is the difference between an advocate and evangelist? Just who is behind those developer portals you use for the developer documentation and who answers your queries on official forums? Read on to find out!

    In this blog post, I’ll set out to disambiguate the roles within a company’s developer outreach team and explain what each person does and where they focus their attention.

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    Data science & machine learning platforms – The relationship between developer satisfaction, usage and NPS

    Machine learning (ML) / Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently one of the hottest topics in most organisations as it continues to expand across many sectors. In the past ten years, various data science third-party platforms have emerged and evolved, gaining widespread success among developers and catering to data scientists’ increased needs for developing, scaling and deploying ML models.

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    Assessing the Maturity of Your Developer Marketing Program

    Have you ever visited a website with a ‘ghost’ developer zone? You know the type I mean? Where the blog posts are over a year old, nobody has posted on the forums in months and there haven’t been any new releases on GitHub for quite some time. I think we’ve all seen these portals, and maybe even worked on one (I know I have!).

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