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    Future Developer Summit 2017: behind the scenes

    Andreas Constantinou · November 02, 2017

    Our second Future Developer Summit was held earlier in October. We hand-picked 35 Director-level executives from 35 top technology platforms who came together for one day to learn from each other. All were leaders responsible for developer product, relations or marketing.

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    SlashData Announces the Developer Satisfaction Awards 2017

    SlashData · October 11, 2017

    Andreas Constantinou CEO of SlashData says “The software industry has lacked an objective metric for measuring developer satisfaction, engagement and awareness – until now. The Developer Satisfaction Awards reveal the real developer experience – not an analyst opinion – on how the leading software companies are performing in winning the hearts and minds of developers around the world.”

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    Unity leads the way in developer satisfaction

    Andreas Constantinou · July 31, 2017

    Every six months we benchmark top developer programs against each other. First, by measuring what developers value in those resources and activities, in all its diversity across several segments of the developer population. Second, by highlighting the best practice leaders: those vendors that are doing an excellent job in specific aspects of developer programs, to whom you can look for inspiration and insights on how to improve. There is no single leader across all of the 20 activities we measure – everyone can improve somewhere.

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    Welcome to SlashData: the next 10 years.

    Andreas Constantinou · July 10, 2017

    We‘ve come a long way since VisionMobile was founded in 2005. I founded the company just after I had left Orange (the telco) as a means to build a strategy consultancy for the era of mobile. That was two years before Android and iOS were introduced to the world, and ended up impacting every single industry out there.

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