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    To understand Internet of Things you need to understand Zenefits

    Internet of Things is a buzzword in many board rooms in 2015. Enterprises from logistics to construction to healthcare, are seeing IoT as the source of data-driven cost savings and competitive advantage. For example allowing building operators to drastically save maintenance costs or allowing farms to have real-time insights that can systematically increase the yield of their crops. But there is a much bigger business model shift taking place. One that will cause traditional industry boundaries to collide and some to even collapse. To understand how IoT will change the business world, you need to understand Zenefits.

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    Apple Music vs. Spotify: Don't repeat this common mistake

    The media and blogosphere reaction to Apple Music was mixed at best. Bob Lefsetz, who has written about the music business for over 25 years, says:

    It’s toast.

    Bob is making a very common mistake: He assumes that Apple Music is a product aiming to win market share in the existing music streaming market. Bob’s focus is then on how Apple Music’s features and pricing compare with the competition.

    Apple Music provides nothing new other than a live radio service, which is mildly interesting, but never forget that iTunes Radio didn’t put a dent in Pandora.

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    Connected car: A catch 22 for the car industry

    More and more car makers understand that “digital” will bring profound change to the industry. Audi chairman Rupert Stadler recently said at CES Asia in Shanghai:

    “We are experiencing a digital revolution that is having a faster and stronger impact than the industrial revolution. This is the new normal. It will not stop.”

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    Voice: Breaking free from the telecom business models

    It’s very clear that software companies took the lead in innovation around voice communications. The telecom industry is lost in the woods arguing about standards, technology and regulation, while Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, WeChat and numerous startups are focused on new use cases and business model innovation.

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