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    The Internet of Things is about to reshape e-commerce

    E-commerce as we know it is about to be fundamentally reshaped, as every connected object in the future becomes a potential commerce channel. Internet of Things – from smart home devices to connected cars – will transform e-commerce and allow it to stretch across the breadth of the customer journey – from awareness, to intent, to purchase. Billions of “things” will double as e-commerce points of sale (PoS), unbundling and extending PoS for e-commerce outside the web, app and product silos controlled by e-commerce players. But how will we get there?

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    What we've learned by designing 10 developer surveys

    This week we launched our tenth biannual developer survey – asking thousands of developers around the world what they’re working on and how they’re doing it. If you’re involved in software development, in any way, then go and fill it out – it will only take you fifteen minutes and I’ll wait here while you do.

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    Clash of industry cultures: how a data mindset will transform Industrial IoT

    The industrial world is undergoing a fundamental metamorphosis. Every industrial company has become a software and data company, overnight. In our latest report, the Industrial IoT Landscape 2015, we bring data on the 1M+ Industrial IoT developers in the world today, and we show that the winning Industrial IoT developer ecosystems are already emerging.

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    Skate to where IoT is going to be, not where it has been

    IoT companies that focus on wrong types of innovation will be left behind. Wayne Gretzky, a legendary athlete, explained why he was so good at the fast-paced game of hockey:

    I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.

    The mobile market is a powerful example: Nokia, BlackBerry, Microsoft, Palm and many others missed the market shift and were left behind. The same will be true for the Internet of Things (IOT): five years from now the IOT market will be very different from what it is today.

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