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    Developer Relations vs Developer Marketing Which Side are You On?

    Have you ever wondered what the difference is between developer marketing and developer relations? And what is the difference between an advocate and evangelist? Just who is behind those developer portals you use for the developer documentation and who answers your queries on official forums? Read on to find out!

    In this blog post, I’ll set out to disambiguate the roles within a company’s developer outreach team and explain what each person does and where they focus their attention.

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    Future Developer Summit 2017: behind the scenes

    Our second Future Developer Summit was held earlier in October. We hand-picked 35 Director-level executives from 35 top technology platforms who came together for one day to learn from each other. All were leaders responsible for developer product, relations or marketing.

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    Developer Program Metrics: How Intel Measures Developer Satisfaction.

    Scott Apeland oversees developer relations at Intel and has recently launched a whole new developer program aimed at encouraging developers to build new products with their artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. We spoke to Scott about how he identified which developers to target and how he is tracking the effectiveness of their developer program.
    Intel hosts one of the largest developer programs in the world, with over 20 million active developers visiting their platform and making use of their APIs in projects and products.

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    Return on Developer Investment

    It’s a privilege to be working with some of the biggest names in tech – I ‘ve learned a lot the past 2 years. Earlier this month, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe, Intel, Oracle and many more joined our first Future Developer Summit, and shared some of their best practices in how they work with developers. I ‘d like to share some the learnings here.

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