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Data Dashboards

Visualise New Business Opportunities with Data Dashboards

Slice and dice data to compare trends over time, use filters to generate tables and charts about developer population trends.

Spot untapped potential for growth

Get insights about niche developer populations (e.g. Android devs in China)

Combine our research data with your own data points to validate and augment

Combine with our population reports to get the actual and forecasted size of specific developer communities (e.g. IoT devs working on wearables in North America)

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Data Dashboards subscriptions allow you to track key developer metrics and trends with data updated every 6 months. Keep the pulse on the trends over time and extract visual data presentation any time you need to support your decision-making.

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December 2016

Cloud Key Developer Metrics Data Dashboard

The Cloud Key Developer Metrics dashboard includes data from 11th edition (Q3 2016) of our Developer Economics surveys, with fresh data being added every six months....

July 2016

Cloud Developer Segmentation

The Cloud Developer Segmentation Data Dashboard compares & profiles our eight outcome-based segments on all accounts, from how they define success and what motivates...

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Top 100 tech companies are using our data dashboards to get a deeper understanding of developer populations and design data-driven strategies. Let us show you what our data dashboards can do for you.

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