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Beyond Siri: the next frontier in User Interfaces

This infographic presents major findings from our latest report – Beyond Siri: the next frontier in User Interfaces is a critical analysis of the virtual assistants market.

Helped by Apple’s successful launch of its Siri technology in 2011, voice-activated mobile virtual assistants (VAs) have crossed the chasm into mass-market deployments. Apple’s product triggered a wave of both imitation and innovation in the last year, including tens of smartphone applications. This was only for starters. Developers, speech recognition and AI vendors, telcos and handset manufacturers are now all working on bringing the next-generation VA to life

Beyond Siri breaks down the virtual assistant market and showcases key players, Android vs. iOS downloads and revenues, as well as the evolution of VA technology from the phone assistant to the lifestyle buddy. This is still a market of high volumes of downloads, but low revenues. While Google’s Voice Search leads in terms of downloads, claiming a huge 86% of the market, it’s actually Voice Actions by Pannous who’s snatching most of the revenues – $655 USD in 2011. Android gets the lion’s share in terms of downloads, since 94% of all Virtual Assistant apps are downloaded on Android devices. However, it’s iOS that makes developers money – despite the fact that iOS only has 6% of VA apps downloads, it accounts for 86% of revenues!

Full report on Virtual Assistant market available at

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