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Developer Marketing Leaders Are Back for the Future Developer Summit 2018

Future Developer Summit is back September 13, Menlo Park, CA, bringing together 60+ VP & director-level champions of developer marketing in an intimate invite-only setting to share knowledge, celebrate innovative thinking and discuss the course for the future.

What goes into the creation of an award-winning documentation or live streaming communities that attract thousands of developers? What do developer personas at top tech companies look like? Do open-source developers require different engagement strategies than other dev segments? Where should developer programs invest their money in the next 5 years? 

These are the kind of questions the leaders in developer marketing are tackling every day. To bring the best practices forward, we’re excited to announce that our annual Future Developer Summit is back September 13, Menlo Park, CA! That’s right, the event falls nicely on the international Programmers’ Day, not by sheer accident. So what better way to celebrate developers than by highlighting the successes and learnings from the top tech firms who live and breathe code?

Who is coming to the Future Developer Summit 2018?

For the third year in a row, Future Developer Summit brings together 60+ director-level trailblazers in developer marketing (twice more than last year!) to debate best practices, learn and design better developer strategies.

Speakers for this year’s Summit include some of the industry’s top experts:

  1. Amir Shevat, VP of Developer Experience – Twitch

  2. Andrew Clay Shafer, Senior Director of Technology – Pivotal

  3. Arabella David, Director Developer Marketing – Salesforce

  4. Bryan Davis, Engineering Manager, Technical Engagement – Wikimedia

  5. David Bryant, Fellow – Mozilla

  6. David McLaughlin, Director Global Developer Ecosystem – Google

  7. Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, Director Developer Partnerships & Programs Partnerships – Facebook

  8. Nicole Herskowitz, General Manager, Azure Product Marketing – Microsoft

  9. Ricky Robinett, Director Developer Network – Twilio

  10. Shiven Ramji, VP Product – Digital Ocean

  11. Zach Shelby, VP Developers, IoT Service Group – ARM

Who else is coming? Attendees include developer marketing champions from the top platforms (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Mozilla), hardware companies (ARM, Intel), enterprise (Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, VMWare, Adobe, Cisco), game companies (Epic Games), cloud software (Digital Ocean), emerging platforms (Twitch), finance companies (Visa, Intuit), open source foundations (Linux Foundation), recruiting (StackOverflow), and more!

Also present – our partners who help produce this stellar event: Developer Media, Catchy, Accenture, and GLG.

We’ve designed an agenda jam-packed with interactive discussions, keynotes, networking opportunities, Developers’ Choice Awards ceremony and a couple of surprises, all wrapped up in a beautiful sunny setting, with tasty food, wine, and live jazzy tunes.  You can find all the details at

Want to get a quote or an exclusive scoop about the event? Drop a line to


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