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Hot off the Press: Developers’ needs due to COVID-19, Open Source, Languageds, DevOps and more

What do developers value in open source? How have their needs changed due to COVID-19?

The 19th Developer Economics global survey wave ran from June to August 2020 and reached more than 17,000 developers in 159 countries. Hot off the press “State of the Developer Nation” report presents developer trends for Q3 2020 and beyond.

The report is free  to access and focuses on six major topics, providing answers to questions like these:

  1. Developers’ extra needs due to COVID-19

  2. Programming language communities – an update

  3. Why do developers adopt or reject cloud technologies?

  4. Who is into DevOps?

  5. What do developers value in open source?

  6. Emerging technologies

Some highlights to spark your curiosity:

state of developer nation highlights

Developers’ extra needs due to COVID-19

  1. Four in ten developers report that they need more flexibility in working hours/workload as a consequence of COVID-19.

  2. Developers responsible for tooling specifications and for approving budgets and expenses are in the greatest need of increased security, performance, and cloud space.

What do developers value in open source?

  1. Developers appreciate collaborating and interacting with the open-source community more than contributing to open-source projects.

  2. South Asian developers highly value contributing to open-source projects, positioning this region to drive the next wave of open-source development.

  3. Developers who are building apps and extensions for third party ecosystems, on average, value contributing and forking more than developers in other sectors.

Who is into DevOps? 

  1. DevOps has reached mainstream adoption.

  2. The vast majority of professional developers (more than 80%) are involved in DevOps in one way or another.

  3. Continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) are two of the most common DevOps practices, but only one in four developers use both to fully automate their workflow.

The report is free to download for all community members including developers and industry enthusiasts.


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