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New report: Open source in the Internet of Things

open source in IoT

Open Source in the Internet of Things is our new report and part of IoT report series. 3,700 Internet of Things developers answered questions regarding this issue in our 10th edition Developer Economics survey :

  1. How mainstream is open source in the Internet of Things? Is it just for hobbyists and idealists, or is there more to it than that?

  2. Which developer demographics use it and why?

  3. How can I make sense of the hundreds of open source, open hardware, and open data licenses that are out there?

  4. Should your project be open or closed? How can you use open source to achieve commercial success?

The report provides developer program managers with objective data-backed insights on the use of open source technology by IoT developers and helps them to manage its use in their projects. Find out more about the key questions that this report answers.


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