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Repeat Webinar: An Introduction to Mobile Open Source

Did you miss our first free webinar on Mobile Open Source in March? We had to turn down lots of attendees, as the 50 places quickly filled up in the first 24 hours leaving many people on our waiting list.

We will be repeating this webinar on Tuesday 19th May at 16:00 CET, and our registration form is now open. The webinar is now closed.

This 30 minute webinar offers insights on open source economics, who’s who in mobile OS, licenses vs governance models and how to leverage open source in your strategy.

This webinar offers a 10,000ft view of mobile open source, including:

– How open source maps into the mobile industry – Why does the industry use open source and what are the related business models – The diversity of community cultures and governance models – What are the four roles your company can play in OSS? – When to use open source and when not to – Why open source is a radical change to how you manage software

Click here to register for this event. The webinar is now closed.

Places are limited to the first 100 registrations and are on a first come, first served basis.

This is a ‘teaser’ webinar with selected extracts from our one day deep-dive 360° workshop on everything that is mobile open source, from economics and business models to license best practices, software management guidelines and 20+ case studies of real world lessons from open source use in the mobile industry.

–    Vanessa twitter: @visionmobile


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