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[Report] Enterprise App Developer Atlas

Presenting our latest report, the Enterpise App Developer Atlas. This is a map of the developer journey, featuring 481 developer tools across 27 tool sectors.

The enterprise app developer’s journey is a complex endeavour that must balance corporate security, legacy integration, custom cross platform coding, and emerging API Program business models. This Atlas is the ultimate guide for enterprise app developers who need to mobilise corporate assets across multiple platforms, deploy, test and market their app. The Enterprise App Developer Atlas helps developers make the right tool choices in order to reduce costs, increase revenues and capture new markets. The market is split into six distinct stages: integrate, develop, deploy, measure, market & monetise.

The image below presents a selection of the top-ranking tools for each market sector. For the full listings, [purchase_link id=”4190″ text=”download the full pdf” style=”link”].

To get a full size poster of this report mailed to you, courtesy of Intel, visit this page

VisionMobile - Enterprise App Developer Atlas


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