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Who’s behind the VisionMobile Community? We‘ve got results!

We hope everyone has had a good start to the Autumn as we have. We asked our readers to take part in our blog survey throughout September to help us understand who You, our readers, are; what you thought of this blog and how we improve it going forward. We would like to thank all of you who participated, especially for the open and honest feedback.

And? The survey brought out some very interesting findings – some quite flattering and some honest critique and suggestions to take on board.

And as promised, we ‘re announcing 10 participants at the end of this post who have been drawn to each win an Atlas wallchart 🙂

What did you think of VisionMobile? Over 75% of participants found our blog insightful, analytical, thought provoking, original and innovative – which was rewarding to hear. Fortunately no one went for boring, overhyped or outdated being the other options 🙂


Furthermore, we were very happy to hear that over 91% of participants would recommend our blog to others. Thanks everyone!

We are hoping that after turning the feedback constructively into action, we will be able to convince even the almost 9% group of Maybe. No pressure though 🙂


Out of the 56 readers who took part in the survey, the majority (over 90%) work within the Mobile Industry with mobile software vendors being the biggest community (almost 45%). In terms of job profiles, most participants work as Product Managers (around 28%), Engineers/Developers (around 26%), as well as in Business Consulting, Business Development and R&D positions (16%). 10% work in the Top Management positions like CTOs/Strategists, CEOs/VPs.

In terms of employer profiles, over 25% of participants are in small start-ups; middle sized companies and over 16% in blue-chip organizations.


Most importantly, you shared your feedback with us about our articles and gave us plenty of inspiring suggestions…

You suggested we write about “how to make money in the mobile software”, identify the “Trendsetters, Thought Leaders and Thinkers” and introduce the “new kids on the block of the Mobile Industry – exciting new Mobile Tech Start Ups”. Exploring the emerging mobile markets in developing countries is another popular request. All points taken on board, and we hope to be launching at least one of these shortly.

In terms of mobile technology and innovation, we received some interesting suggestions on topics such as network technologies, Chrome OS, Palm OS, Digital Content Market and Content Transcoding as well as innovation in the low-end handset segment, to name but a few.

There is definitely a lot of exciting articles to look forward to! 🙂

And finally! The 10 winners drawn out of the survey participants are JS, Colin P., Igal P., Tom S., Sven K., Carsten S., J Helmig, Andrew G., Jarmo P., Alexandre B. You will receive a separate email from us regarding further steps to arrange the delivery of the Atlas wallcharts.

All the best and keep the thoughts coming!

– Jana and the VisionMobile team follow us on twitter: @visionmobile


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