April 2018

Cloud Computing Evolution

Containers, Serverless architecture and more
Cloud Computing Evolution

Serverless architectures offer superior scalability and lower costs for cloud based applications and services. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Docker, among others are all bringing to market a variety of solutions to meet the growing needs of developers. Understanding who the early adopters are and which vendors are leading the market is an important foundation for any marketing strategy. This report provides valuable insight based on behavior of the 3,883 backend developers who participated in the study.

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Cloud computing is constantly evolving and architectures are being optimised to reduce costs while improving performance and reliability. Serverless architectures are the next step in this process and provide significant opportunities for vendors. This report looks at the adoption trends of serverless platforms, container orchestration and management tools and services. The analysis looks at various market segments to benchmark where they are in the adoption lifecycle and what their plans are for the future. We also measure which products and services capture the greatest mindshare and realise the greatest adoption rates.

Data for the report comes from the 13th edition Developer Economics survey reaching 3,883 backend developers.

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  • Who are the leading vendors in the Serverless Platform, container management platforms and orchestration tools markets?
  • Where are developers in the adoption process of serverless platforms, container management platforms and orchestration tools?
  • Which developers are further along the adoption lifecycle than others?
  • What workloads are developers using serverless architecture for now and what do they expect to use serverless architectures for in the future?

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Developer Economics is a large-scale online developer survey designed, produced and carried out by SlashData twice per year. The 13th edition survey ran over a period of nine weeks between April and June 2017. It reached an impressive 21,200+ respondents from 157 countries. As such, the Developer Economics series continues to be the most global independent research on mobile, desktop, IoT, backend, web, game, AR/VR and machine learning developers and data scientists combined ever conducted.

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