September 2016

Map of the Developer Universe: Cloud PaaS

Map of the Developer Universe: Cloud PaaS

Based on hard data from the experiences of cloud developers, rather than on analyst opinions, our Map of the Developer Univers charts PaaS solution popularity against satisfaction on the cloud provider attributes that developers truly care about. It provides you with a guide on not just the most popular solutions, but also the upcoming ones and the ones you or your customers can expect to be most satisfied with.

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In our 11th Developer Economics survey (Q2 2016) we asked cloud developers across the globe which PaaS solutions they use. We also asked them to score the PaaS solutions that they have used on the attributes that they consider most important in a cloud provider. Based on these scores we calculated an overall satisfaction score per solution that truly reflects which cloud providers are delivering the services that developers care about.

Our Map of the Developer Universe is based on hard data of cloud developers’ experience with PaaS solutions - not analyst opinions. It charts popularity against satisfaction and is divided in four quadrants: The most popular and satisfactory solutions fall in the top right one (‘Battlestars’), and the least popular and satisfactory in the bottom left one (‘Voyagers’). Solutions that are not yet as popular as the Battlestars, but are rated as having the ammunition needed to succeed, fall in the bottom right quadrant of ‘Fighters’. The top- left quadrant is home to solutions that are popular, but lack the attributes that developers are looking for (Freighters).

The Map of the Developer Universe report for Cloud PaaS comes with a single-user license. If you are interested in an enterprise-wide license please contact us.

  1. Which PaaS solutions are developers most satisfied with?
  2. Which solutions are the most and which the least popular among developers?
  3. Which are the upcoming PaaS solutions challenging the leading ones?
  4. At a high-level, what are the key reasons behind the shown mapping of solutions?
  • Introduction
  • Mapping the Developer Universe
  • What the map shows
  • Methodology

The data for the Map of the Cloud PaaS Developer Universe is drawn from Developer Economics research, 11th edition, VisionMobile’s global survey. The survey ran over a period of six weeks between April and May 2016 and reached more than 16,500+ developers across mobile, IoT, cloud, desktop, augmented and virtual reality, as well as machine learning and data science. More than 12,500 of those developers were asked questions about cloud hosting, out of which 1,155 indicated they used Cloud PaaS solutions and shared their experience with us.

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