March 2018

How and Where to Reach Web Developers

What motivates web developers and why are they important?
How and Where to Reach Web Developers

The web developer community is the largest of all developer communities making it a key segment of any outreach or marketing initiative targeting this market. Based on over 16,000 responses, this report will help you gain a better understanding of where web developers live and what motivates them. Most importantly, to effectively allocate resources, you need to know where web developers get their information and how this differs across regions and is influenced by the additional tools and technologies used by these web programmers. This analysis will help you prioritize your outreach investments to better connect with this community.

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To design effective outreach campaigns to web developers, it is crucial to know where they go to stay up to date. Which sources of information are popular? Which channels are the best investments of your time and resources?

In this report, based on the 13th edition Developer Economics survey reaching 16.993 web developers, we look at which information sources are on the rise. We break down the popularity of these sources by the technologies used by developers, the regions in which they live, and their professional background. We focus in particular on communities of web developers - a key source of information sharing and peer-to-peer influence.

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  • Where do web developers get their information?
  • How does the technology developers use influence where they get their information?
  • How are web developers in various regions different?
  • What communities and Q&A sites do web developers get their info from?

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This report is based on the 13th Developer Economics survey, a large-scale online developer survey designed, produced and carried out by SlashData. The survey received 16,993 responses from web developers. Their answers formed the basis of the insights of this report.

The online survey was translated in seven languages in addition to English (simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese) and promoted by 82 leading community and media partners within the software development industry. We corrected for regional bias and segment distribution bias across our outreach channels.

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