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Understand developer behaviours through Qualitative Research

Read between the lines and answer all your ‘whys’

Explore what Qualitative
Research can do for you

How Qualitative Research
powers developer tooling?

Unlock the power of qualitative research to:

Strengthen your brand

Adjust your brand strategy to address developers’ feelings and perceptions towards your company and developer program. 

Improve your products/services

Identify missing features that will make your offering more appealing to developers. Gain a deeper understanding of what developers like and dislike about your product/service, but also why exactly they feel the way they do. 

Create an effective marketing strategy

Discover how developers react to your marketing initiatives, what works and what creates confusion. 

How we run Qualitative Research

Qualitative research allows us to explore complex topics that can’t be easily quantified. 

At SlashData we run qualitative surveys through: 

Online interviews (text, video, audio)

Open-ended surveys 

Focus Groups

Get you the answers need,

with non-numerical data and understand developer perceptions, beliefs, motivations, and goals.

The “why’s” and “how’s” of their behaviour.

Do you have a project in mind?

Who can benefit from Qualitative Research?

Professionals across:

  • Product Management

  • Developer Tooling

  • Developer Marketing

  • Support

  • Engagement

  • Developer Experience

  • DevRel - Developer Relations and Advocacy

  • Areas that touch the developer audience like tech writers, and content creators.

  • Communications & PR

  • Analyst Relations

Why trust SlashData for
all your research needs

100K+ developer community members we can tap into

Our diverse, global and always-growing Developer Nation community is rich with profiling information. This allows us direct access to the developers that perfectly fit the profile we are targeting.

18+ years of surveying software developers

Our long experience in speaking to developers, ensures that you will get the promised results. We have 18-years worth of surveys and are the experts on designing, fielding and analysing surveys.

Consistently exploring developer trends in 13+ areas

The qualitative data you are looking for can be combined or cross-referenced with all the available data across 13+ technology areas we consistently track. This adds a second level of trust to our analysis. 

A powerhouse team of market research experts

Our team of professionals are seasoned experts, well-versed in multiple research types and methods. You will be getting an analysis from the industry's best. 

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