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Uncover key insights with SlashData’s Competitive Market Research

The answer is out there. Let us get it for you.

Why trust SlashData for
all your research needs

100K+ developer community members we can tap into

Our diverse, global and always-growing Developer Nation community is rich with profiling information. This allows us direct access to the developers that perfectly fit the profile we are targeting.

18+ years of surveying software developers

Our long experience in speaking to developers, ensures that you will get the promised results. We have 18-years worth of surveys and are the experts on designing, fielding and analysing surveys.

Consistently exploring developer trends in 13+ areas

The qualitative data you are looking for can be combined or cross-referenced with all the available data across 13+ technology areas we consistently track. This adds a second level of trust to our analysis. 

A powerhouse team of market research experts

Our team of professionals are seasoned experts, well-versed in multiple research types and methods. You will be getting an analysis from the industry's best. 

Explore how Secondary Research can answer your questions. 

Hands-on with the value
Competitive Market Research offers

Access a full report on Silicon Vendors and discover the value Competitive Market Research offers, first-hand:

What Competitive Market
Research can do for you

Access and unlock insights from information that is already publicly available through our competitive and B2B market research. Use this information to:

Analyse competitive offerings

Perform a thorough audit of different vendors’ developer resources, including such product pages, documentation hubs, API references etc. and discover where you stand against your competitors.

Go To Market or Strategy fine-tuning 

Collect information on a specific topic, such as “monetisation models available in mobile app development”. Get all the market information you need to enter a new market or adjust your product or monetisation strategy.

Sales Enablement

Discover opportunities within the market that your sales team can take advantage of and pursue new accounts.

Deep understanding of the landscape

Map and gain a deep understanding of the market landscape. This could work both for a technology or a product area and includes insights on the landscape’s main players (competitive analysis), what they offer, how they engage with users and more.

Support or generate strategic hypotheses

Collect information and generate hypotheses on a topic, such as “why developers are more satisfied with company X’s documentation than Y’s”. You can use this hypothesis for further testing and evaluate it through primary research, such as a quantitative survey. 

Enrich, or target a more niche audience, by combining competitive research with primary research: collecting data first-hand through surveys, or interviews/focus groups.

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