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SlashData is the leading analyst firm in the developer economy, tracking global software developer trends via the largest, most comprehensive developer surveys worldwide.

Our research helps the top technology firms understand who developers are, what tools are they using and where they‘re going next.

Developer Economics is SlashData’s flagship research program reaching more than 30,000 software developers annually in over 150 countries across all platforms, technologies and developer segments, from mobile, IoT, cloud, and desktop to games, AR/VR and machine learning.


Alex  Veritsis

Alex Veritsis

Data Analyst

As SlashData's data analyst, Alex dives head-first in all SlashData datasets to unearth meaningful associations and trends in the app economy. Being an active member of the team that distills data noise to data sense, Alex explores correlations and creates visualizations of the Developer Economics survey data and participates in all SlashData data-driven projects.

Prior to joining SlashData Alex served as a financial analyst in the small domestic appliances wholesale sector. Passionate about the stories behind the numbers, Alex is not deterred by his non-mobile background. Fascinated by the increasing role mobile devices play in the way we communicate and interact, he is quickly catching up with all advances in the field.

Alex holds a BA in Economics and an Msc in Business and Financial Economics from the University of Greenwich.

Andrea Williamson

Andrea Williamson

Director, Client Services

Andrea provides over 20 years of experience delivering superior strategic marketing and customer oriented solutions in Silicon Valley. First job was marketing IBM ARCTIC card SNA Gateway networking solutions. At MicroAge Andrea became well versed in the reseller distribution channel, and expanded at CIBER by implementing Microsoft, and Novell end to end networking solutions to F500 clients. At Intel, Andrea started with a territory spanning 1/4 of the US, managing top 20 Key Reseller Accounts, ensuring Intel networking and processor sales were #1. Anticipating the future of internet marketing, Andrea moved to Intel HQ for a strategic marketing role shifting Intel customers to eBusiness, and preparing eBiz leadership messaging. This turned into a Technical Advisor position for an EVP, creating messaging and strategic positioning for corporate goals.

After a fortunate several years raising two children, Andrea began another journey focusing on learning ancient spiritual techniques from SE India. Upon receipt of the equivalent of a PhD in Spirituality, Andrea has conducted hundreds of meditation and stress reduction courses in Silicon Valley.

Eager to get back into high tech, Andrea started focusing on strategic marketing and expanding client services in Developer Research insight and analysis in early 2014 at a small local firm. Seeing the long term impact and potential for developer channel expansion, Andrea is thrilled to be now be part of the global success of SlashData, the analysts of the developer economy.

Andreas Constantinou

Andreas Constantinou


As Director and Founder, Andreas oversees the growth and strategy at SlashData. He has been working on the mobile industry since 2000, helping take the very first smartphones to market. Since then he’s worked with the top brand names in the mobile industry including Microsoft, Intel, Google, Mozilla, Amazon and AT&T. Over the past ten years, Andreas has grown SlashData into the leading analyst firm in the developer economy, with a client base and reputation that out-rivals companies many times the size.

In his academic life, Andreas is an Adjunct Professor at Lund University, Sweden, where he teaches Internet Business Models, and an Adjunct Professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business where he teaches Entrepreneurship. Andreas holds a Ph.D. in Image & Video Compression from the University of Bristol, UK.

Prior to founding SlashData, Andreas spent 3 years at Orange Labs division, including serving as a technology lead for the Orange-Microsoft relationship. He is passionate about mapping the trends that will shape how people communicate, work and play.

Christina Voskoglou

Christina Voskoglou

Director of Research & Operations

Christina leads the analyst team and oversees all SlashData data projects (big or small!), from design to methodology, to analysis and insights generation. She is also behind SlashData’s outcome-based developer segmentation model, as well as the Developer Economics reports and DataBoard subscription services. While at SlashData, Christina has led data analysis, survey design and methodology for the ongoing Developer Economics research program, as well as several other primary research projects.

Prior to joining SlashData, Christina served as Customer Relationship Manager for the Household Lending Unit of EFG Eurobank Ergasias. Her role placed her in charge of defining a CLV-based approach to managing customers and designing & supervising all direct marketing campaigns.

Christina has more than 16 years of experience in statistical consulting, business & customer intelligence design, data mining and business analysis & forecasting. She holds an MSc in Statistics from the London School of Economics (LSE) and a BSc in Economics & Statistics from the University of Bath.

Christoforos Eleftheriadis

Christoforos Eleftheriadis

Sales Operations Manager

As Sales Operations Manager at SlashData, Chris is part of the Sales team responsible for the sales and promotion of SlashData projects, and especially multi-sponsor projects, like Developer Economics. Apart from sales Chris is also responsible for several internal processes and the production of the SlashData reports. He is also involved in various research projects, specialising in market research and analysis.

Prior to SlashData, Chris was a Project Manager at Mobylla Hellas and an Executive Analyst Tester at European Telematic Group. He has also served as a Pre-Sales Engineer at Magellan Partners for several small-scale innovation projects. Chris has studied Business Administration with orientation in Marketing and International Relations at the Technological Educational Institute Of Piraeus.

David Farquharson

David Farquharson

Commercial Director

David has over 18 years experience in commercial and legal strategy. David is also a Partner at Ignition Law – a London based legal practice providing commercial and legal advice to SMEs, start-ups and other entrepreneurs, with a particular emphasis on technology based businesses.

A recognised expert in the field, David regularly speaks at seminars on a wide range of corporate and entrepreneurial matters, including to the MBA Class at the London Business School, UCL postgraduate groups, and other European universities.

David  Caabeiro

David Caabeiro

Senior Developer

David is a Senior Developer at SlashData, working on different online tools using the latest web technologies. With a background in telecommunications he has worked for over ten years with different companies around the world providing development services on the Symbian platform. When Node.JS arrived he was quick to see the opportunity and has been developing for it ever since.

Eitan Rosenzvaig

Eitan Rosenzvaig

Data Scientist

Data, data and more data, that sounds like magic in Eitan’s ears. From creating the backbones of SlashData's data structure to generating new insights from our wild information Eitan is all over the place with respect to how we handle data.

With a Masters degree in Computer Science and a vast experience in Data Science, Machine Learning and BI, Eitan has worked with some serious data intensive tasks, such as, fraud prevention and stock market trading.

On his free time Eitan enjoys his football passion with friends and is a devout fanatic of Barcelona FC.

Emilia Bouzioukou

Emilia Bouzioukou

Partnership Operations

Emilia is part of the marketing team, focused on building global partnerships and engaging developers, the web crawler for marketing. She also coordinates webinars and helps run several Developer Economics operations, including localisation and media presence. Her superpower lies in task micro-stretching, adding new and quirky ideas to tasks she gets her hands on.

Her educational background is in Financial Economics (University of Nottingham), which explains why she’s always referring to a budget. Has a developing interest in behaviourism and experimentation. When not working, she’ll be jogging, or trimming sails in the Saronic.

Konstantinos Korakitis

Konstantinos Korakitis

Data Scientist & Author

Konstantinos is part of the analyst team and is responsible for uncovering hidden patterns and meaningful insights in a sea of data points from the Developer Economics surveys. He authors SlashData’s research reports, follows the latest trends on software developers and researches new tech markets.

Prior to joining SlashData, Konstantinos spent 5 years in the energy sector as project manager and tender manager. He holds MSc degrees in Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and The University of Manchester and he is currently on track of completing a Master’s in Data Science with UC San Diego. When not working, Konstantinos enjoys reading and learning new skills.

Miljana Mitic

Miljana Mitic

Digital Marketing Executive

Miljana is part of our growing marketing team, responsible for developing digital campaigns for our research products. She also leads the Developer Satisfaction Awards and is in charge of the content for our Future Developer Summit.

Prior to SlashData, Miljana was working as VP of Marketing at a tech startup building visual marketing solutions for e-commerce. Her past experience also included several B2B companies in management consultancy, hospitality, and trade services. She has MA in Marketing, Advertising, and PR, as well as PhD in Relationship Marketing and Social Media, both from The University of Sheffield, UK.

Peter Crocker

Peter Crocker

Technology analyst and author

Prior to joining the firm Peter was the Founder and Principal Analyst at Smith’s Point Analytics a research firm focused on mobile technology and developers. Peter started his analyst career with VDC Research covering the enterprise mobility and mobile software markets. Before becoming an analyst he was instrumental in building businesses and guiding strategy at mobile software start-ups. Peter holds a BA from Rollins College and an MBA from The College of William and Mary.

Samuel Amegavi

Samuel Amegavi

Junior Analyst & Developer

Amongst other duties Sam is responsible for building all the dashboard products that accompany SlashData reports.

Sam's experience as a developer spans various industries such as Telecoms, Banking and Fintech. His desire to refocus his career on understanding the commercial/business side of the tech industry led him to SlashData as the best place to contribute to the understanding of the developer economy: the engine driving today's tech business models

Sam is currently studying towards an MSc Economics with his alma mater Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana.

Sarah  Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell

Operations & HR Manager

As Operations Manager for SlashData, Sarah is responsible for all things HR related from polices and processes to performance reviews. Sarah also looks after all of the day to day accounting & financial reporting. Prior to SlashData, Sarah worked for a multi-national firm of Accountants as their National Training Officer. When not working, Sarah enjoys nothing more than playing her Cello & Piano or walking in the countryside. Sarah is currently studying her CIPD Level 5.

Sofia Aliferi

Sofia Aliferi

Marketing Manager

Sofia is responsible for Marketing with a focus on growth techniques and objectives. Her role includes design and implementation of marketing campaigns in a wide range of channels, content production, PR and social media management.

Academically , Sofia started off on the theoretical path, studying English Language & Literature for her first degree, followed up by a Diplome d’Universite in Translation. Then she switched to Management and got her MSc from the University of Bath.

Sofia has been around the broader sector of Online Media and E-business for almost a decade with a variety of roles mainly in the areas, of Project Management and Digital Marketing.

When not working , Sofia dances, travels and listens to music .

Stijn Schuermans

Stijn Schuermans

Senior Business Analyst

Stijn is the lead Internet of Things researcher in the SlashData analyst team. He has authored over 20 reports and research notes on mobile and the Internet of Things. As a senior business analyst, Stijn focuses on understanding how technology becomes value-creating innovation, how business models affect market dynamics, and the consequences of this for corporate strategy.

Stijn holds a master degree in electronics engineering from the Catholic University of Leuven and an MBA from Athens University of Economics and Business. He has over 10 years experience as an engineer, product manager, strategist and business analyst.

Vanessa Measom

Vanessa Measom

Marketing & Operations Assistant

As part of the Marketing team and one of the voices behind the newsletter and site announcements, Vanessa is involved with the marketing and promotional activities at SlashData and the Developer Economics portal ( She also manages the prize draws for the Developer Economics surveys. Internally, Vanessa is responsible for team training and other operational activities.

Prior to SlashData, Vanessa has worked in both the healthcare and photography industry in a number of roles that has provided her with a diverse range of skills and knowledge. She has a strong interest in internet marketing and has been involved in launching a number of websites relating to holistic health, food and gardening.

When not working Vanessa can be found pottering around in the garden or cooking a hearty meal. She has a love for natural health and the organic lifestyle but is also quite partial to a slice of unhealthy cake!

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