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Looking for Bright Minds

It’s hard to believe that it’s been twelve months since we published the last Print Edition of our blog. A lot has happened since then; we introduced the 100 million club, launched the Mobile Industry Atlas , worked on a zillion projects (long year!) and were voted the best blog in the Mobile Comms category by Electronics Weekly Magazine!

To celebrate the past year of blogging we’ve published our Blog Print Edition 2009. Read on to find out how to download a copy.

VisionMobile Blog - Print Edition 2009

Looking for Bright Minds! The VisionMobile blog is a place where mobile strategists can voice, share and exchange ideas on market happenings and trends. It is a think tank for strategists who share a passion for uncovering the future of wireless telecoms.

Our blog revolves around one key message: Distilling market noise into market sense. It’s about discerning technologies, vendors and the mobile markets, filtering the market noise and helping readers see out of the box.

We are looking for bright minds with a passion for writing and flair for original, thought leading articles which cut through the hype and marketing noise into uncovering trends and new opportunities. Articles can be about market analysis and facts, observations on under-the-radar markets, analysis of technologies and their impact, etc. Company pitches are out, thought leadership is in.

So, if you think you have an original idea or two to air, and want to get in front of of 1,600+ subscribers and industry insiders, do get in touch. And of course, we ‘ll be selecting the best articles to go into the next Print Edition of our blog

Blog Brochure 2009

Print Edition 2009 This year’s Blog Print Edition contains excerpts from a number of seminal articles which appeared on the blog in the last 12 months:

The 7 centres of gravity in mobile. Nokia+Trolltech+Symbian, Android, BREW+Flash, Adobe Open Screen, LiMo devices.. As the dust settles, we look at how the mobile landscape is shaping around 7 centres of gravity.

The darker side of Android. Can an open Android result in a closed phone? We explain why this will not be the exception, but the rule.

Watchlist: The 100 million club. We discuss the latest update to VisionMobile’s 100 million club, and the bigger picture that emerges from our research, including de facto standards and software that’s truly mass-market.

Value Quadrants: understanding value creation in mobile. How are the revenue models changing in the mobile industry? We introduce Value Quadrants, a tool that deciphers the multitude of revenue models and maps how value creation is changing in mobile.

Making money on the last mile: Introducing Channel ARPU. Has the industry been expecting too much from data ARPU? We revisit Channel ARPU as a new way of capturing not just the user’s wallet, but also his attention and heart.

Mobile software is dead. Long live.. mobile software. Mobile software has always been a tough business and is getting tougher. We explore how the value is migrating from embedded to downloadable software.

The Mobile Application Store phenomenon. Apple’s App Store, Android Market, RIM Application Center.. application stores are the latest fad of the mobile industry. We analyse the recipe of the mobile application store phenomenon and the movers and shakers of this virgin market.

Application Environments: Order from Chaos. Flash, Web Runtime, OSX, widgets, Java engines, Python.. the array of software platforms is chaotic to say the least. We dig deeper into application environments, explaining who’s what and identify 5 clear market trends.

The SIM card evolution: finally, a breakthrough? Is there a future for the SIM card in operator service delivery? We review the state of the SIM card industry, the commercial developments in the last 12 months and discusses why the role of the SIM may be indeed coming to a positive inflection point.

Mapping open source into mobile: who, where and how. Android, Symbian Foundation, Maemo, Trolltech… there’s been so much talk about open source moves in the mobile industry, but so little analysis on the big picture.  We distill market noise into market sense by mapping out three dimensions of open source in mobile: the who, the where and the how.

Community dynamics in mobile open source. How do open source communities work? We discuss how community dynamics can be mapped and better understood.

Want to read more? You can download the PDF version here. Alternatively, if you would like a printed copy, email us your postal address and we’ll send it out to you (offer valid for the first 50 copies).

– Vanessa


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