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The Developer Nation Community aims to bring  learning, career growth and connecting opportunities  to software creators of all areas of development and all levels of experience.

We are committed to creating a space where all software creators can set the right foundations for their career, learn how they stack up against emerging software development trends, get tips and discover opportunities for professional growth as well as plan wisely their next moves.

Helping developers be their best!

How developers can benefit from joining the community:

  • Read useful articles and receive our bi-weekly newsletter

  • Get access to useful data and insights to help you navigate your career

  • Watch tutorials, webinars and workshops

  • Join community meetups

  • Join the Developer Research Program, share your thoughts and get access to benefits

  • Contribute content and actively participate in our events and programs

  • Be amongst the leading members of the community and claim an active role in running it


  • Web

  • Mobile

  • Desktop

  • Cloud

  • Industrial IoT

  • Consumer electronics

  • Embedded software

  • AR & VR

  • Apps/extensions for 3rd-party ecosystems

  • Games

  • Machine Learning & AI

  • Data science

Software creators, from hobbyists to enterprise engaged in all areas of software development:

Who can join

The members
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Are you working with a developer community? We are always looking for partners to help us spread the word and reach more than the 30,000 developers we are currently talking to in each wave. 

Research program partners

Here are the different ways we can work together:
  • Our Media Partners are an essential pillar in our global developer outreach, helping us spread the word about our survey to software creators in their network, community or enterprise. In return, we help our Media Partners:

    • Get exposure to developers and no-code software creators: Get your brand, news and activities in front of 30,000+ developers globally, through logo placement, newsletter inclusions, content amplification on our Developer Nation blog and more.

    • Get valuable data trends & make data-driven decisions: Segment, understand and speak to your developer network using data on 25+ trends. Compare basic trends in your developer community to the global average!
      Check out our graphs.

    • Access first-hand research content.

    Our partners include global and local associations for developers and no-code software creators, tech and platform vendors, meetups, developer education platforms, tech media publishers, accelerators, non-profit organisations in tech, and more. If you lead such communities of developers and no-code software creators, this partnership is for you.

    Interested? Let’s talk 

  • Do you have a community in mind that could take our survey?

    Let them know about our survey and you will earn cash for each completed response. You get to choose how you promote our survey, be it web content, social media or any other integration.

    Don’t start sharing the link yet. Contact us so we can provide you with more details about our Developer Nation Affiliates program & assign you a custom link to track responses.

    Get in touch

  • Do you want to join forces with us in co-creating content and distributing to both our communities? You can publish your blog posts on our blog, join our Developer Nation Broadcast or record a workshop with us. And these are just some examples- we are always open to new ideas - even the craziest ones!

    Drop us a line and we can get the discussion going

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