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Developer research webinars by experts

Call it webinars or sessions, our on-demand videos bring our analyst experts to the spotlight. In these videos, they share their experience and explain what the insights from our latest research mean for the industry and the professionals in it.

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Come dive deeper with us into the latest trends and look inside developers’ hearts.

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Developer Program Leaders Forum | Presentation, Discussion | Data-powered strategic decisions/DevRel
Developer Program Leaders Forum | Presentation, Discussion | Data-powered strategic decisions/DevRel
Developer Program Leaders Forum #1: Meeting Challenges and Scaling Sustainably in 2023 After the Developer Program Leaders survey closed, we want to offer you and the rest of the community access to data, allowing for data-backed decisions to make your developer program aligned with developers’ priorities and make them want to keep coming back! What is covered in this session: 00:00-02:10 Introduction 02:11-02:39 Data underpin the strategy to measuring success in developer relations 02:40-03:24 KPIs in developer Relations, marketing & tooling 03:25-04:19 Data literacy in Developer Relations 04:20-05:09 DevRel activities that take the most budget time or effort 05:10-05:16 4 in 10 DevRel practitioners face challenges in acquiring or using data 05:17-06:27 Main challenges for developer relations 06:28-07:35 Addressing developer research needs 07:36-08:03 How DevRel practitioners segment developers 08:04-09:59 Key highlights 10:00-48:04 Q&A and Forum Discussion Want more? Join our DevRelX community and stay in the loop! A special shout out to our Community Partners who helped spread the word about the survey, and our Forum experts who shared their insights with us: Katie Miller, Director, Developer Marketing, Slack Wesley Faulkner. Sr. Community Manager, AWS Yuri Santana, Developer Relations Advocate, Fonoster Vera Tiago, Manager, Developer Advocacy, OutSystems Kamran Ayub, DevTool Onboarding Specialist, Lovely DevEd
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