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7th Developer Economics survey!

We just launched our new Developer Economics survey! If you’re an app developer, take the survey and help shape the opinions of Microsoft, Intel, Nokia, Amazon, and many others reading the reports from this survey – and win some cool prizes while you’re at it! The findings will be released as a free report in July.

The 7th edition survey explores some key trends: How are challenger platforms moving up? Is HTML5 in decline? Who is making most money? What language do most devs use? What are the trending tools of the trade?

Participants will enter a draw for some cool handset prizes: an iPhone 5s, a Galaxy S5, a Lumia 930 and more. If you’re also a VisionMobile panelist (or join the panel), you’ll get the chance to win a Lego Mindstorm robot, a Raspberry Pi Ultimate Starter Kit, a Das Keyboard or a Sphero!


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