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Mobile Developer Population Forecast 2024

How many mobile developers are there?

Let’s have a look at our freshly published report on software developers who focus on mobile. In this industry insights report, we look into the underlying trends behind the growth of the mobile developer population, across the world. 

The aim is to provide data and insights that allow you to estimate the addressable market for mobile technologies in terms of the number of developers using these technologies.

Mobile developers’ country, platform and professional status

Within the report, we start by exploring the global population of mobile developers over the years and break it down by geographical location. Then, we look at the breakdown of the total mobile developer population by professional status and categories of applications built. Finally, we discuss the platforms and technologies that mobile developers use, and we estimate the size of the addressable market-specific tools used to create mobile applications, such as programming languages and frameworks.

There are 17.7 million mobile developers in 2024

There are currently an estimated 17.7M mobile developers, and we forecast that the population will rise to 18.7M by Q3 2024. While North America and Western Europe are the two main regional strongholds for mobile development, the Middle East and Africa are experiencing a fast growth in the population of mobile developers, expected to reach 2.9M developers by the end of 2024. The gaming sector has shown the most significant growth for mobile app development, with 3.8M developers on it currently, and an estimated 4.2M by the end of 2024.

Key questions about mobile software development that this industry report answers

This report dives into the data from 5,583 developers and provides answers on:

  • How many mobile developers are there across the globe?

  • What is the breakdown of these backend developers by professional status, geographical region, and experience?

  • What types of tools and technologies are mobile developers using?

  • Who are mobile developers primarily targeting with their software?

Mobile developer population forecast by application categories targeted

The following graph shows real data, and what to expect from this insights report:

a data graph showing mobile developer population forecast by application categories targeted

You can access the full preview in our Research Space. If you want to dive deeper into software developers' data & trends, let’s talk.

About the author

Stathis Georgakopoulos, Product Marketing Manager

Always keen to see what’s next in the industry, Stathis is the Product Marketing Manager for SlashData, setting the table and running the marketing activities. He's our go-to guy for all things marketing and does not hide his love for content marketing and creating helpful content.


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