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Developer Programs Benchmarking - What's new in Q3 2023

What do developers expect from tech leaders in their developer program offerings?

How do the leading developer programs compare?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, then the Developer Program Benchmarking is for you. 

What is the Developer Programs Benchmarking?

It is SlashData's semi-annual market analysis on engagement and developer satisfaction, of industry-leading developer programs.

Working with developers is challenging and modern developer programs consist of myriad activities including:

  • Documentation

  • Providing sample code

  • Developer education

  • Tooling

  • In-person events

  • Online communication among others. 

It is hard to be great at everything, and it is hard to allocate effort and money effectively for maximum impact. So, we benchmark the developer programs against each other and in doing so, we provide a clear path to improving your own developer program. 

What can the Developer Programs Benchmarking help you improve?

There are two main areas in this benchmarking study that can help you improve. 

First, measure what developers value in various resources and activities, in all their diversity, across several segments of the developer population. 

Second, we highlight the best-practice leaders and what makes them stand out.

There is no single leader across all 22 activities we measure —everyone can improve somewhere. 

To understand the success of the various developer programs included in our research, we use three key metrics: 

  1. Adoption —the percentage of developers in our survey that use each program.

  2. Engagement —how frequently the users of each program consume its resources.

  3. Satisfaction —how developers score each attribute of the programs they use, equal to the proportion of five-star reviews minus the proportion of one-and two-star reviews

What new insights are there from the leading developer programs in Q3 2023?

The main highlight?

Many smaller vendors eclipse the established market leaders' satisfaction scores
Many smaller vendors eclipse the established market leaders' satisfaction scores

Developers' answers in public forums

In each new edition, we have a special "Deep Dive" where, on top of the main insights on Developer Programs, we focus and shed light on a more specific area of Developer programs. For this edition, we added a Deep Dive on Answers in public forums.

Here are the questions we answer.

  • Which types of developers value answers in public forums the most?

  • How often do developers ask questions, answer questions, or otherwise utilise public forums?

  • What are the most important characteristics of a useful answer in a public forum, and how does this change by developers’ experience levels?

  • How satisfied are developers with the quality, frequency, and speed of vendors’ responses to questions in public forums?

You can find more details about developers’ preferences for developer programs at the dedicated Developer Program Benchmarking page.

If you are looking to benchmark your developer program against the leaders, please get in touch.


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