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SlashData Announces the Developer Satisfaction Awards 2017

Menlo Park, 10 October 2017. SlashData is excited to announce that nine organisations from the software industry have been unveiled as leaders for developer satisfaction at the 2017 Future Developer Summit 2017 (, an invite-only, Director-level event held at Menlo Park, California this week.

Companies including Amazon, Apple, Cisco, Epic Games, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Oracle and Unity were awarded for striving to place developers at the heart of their business.

The Developer Satisfaction Awards recognise the software products and brands that developers are most satisfied with. Results are based on the independent and unbiased opinions of over 40,000 developers surveyed annually, from around the globe, combined with SlashData’s rigid research methodology. SlashData (formerly known as VisionMobile) is an independent research firm helping the top-100 software companies measure how satisfied developers are with their products.

Andreas Constantinou CEO of SlashData says “The software industry has lacked an objective metric for measuring developer satisfaction, engagement and awareness – until now. The Developer Satisfaction Awards reveal the real developer experience – not an analyst opinion – on how the leading software companies are performing in winning the hearts and minds of developers around the world.”

The Developer Satisfaction Awards were presented in front of an impressive audience of 35 Director-level attendees representing 35 leading software companies, from Adobe to Salesforce.

SlashData would like to thank Richard Hurring (Founder and CEO of Catchy Agency) and Bhavesh Patel (President & CEO of for presenting the Developer Satisfaction awards, respectively, at the Future Developer Summit this week.

Full list of winners and runners-up

1.Developer Satisfaction with Database as a Service

WINNER: Microsoft Azure SQL Database

1st RUNNER-UP: Amazon RDS

2ND RUNNER-UP: Amazon Aurora

2.Developer Satisfaction with Game engines


1st RUNNER-UP: Epic Games’ Unreal

2ND RUNNER-UP: Apple’s Spritekit /Scenekit

3.Developer satisfaction with developer programs


1st RUNNER-UP: Google

2ND RUNNER-UP: Epic Games’ Unreal

4.Developer satisfaction with training in developer programs


1st RUNNER-UP: Microsoft


5.Developer satisfaction with documentation in developer programs

WINNER: Mozilla

1st RUNNER-UP: Unity


6.Developer engagement with developer programs

WINNER: Google

1st RUNNER-UP: Microsoft

2ND RUNNER-UP: Mozilla

For a full list of the finalists for each category as well as more information about the awards you can visit the Developer Satisfaction Awards 2017 website.


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