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Software ate the world. What’s next?

Software is officially everywhere. Today, no matter what we do, we work in a tech business. We’ve been expecting this for a long time now. In fact, we bet our business on it.

Developers, developers, developers 2000

Before developers were coined the new kingmakers, before CEOs pointed out all companies are tech companies; SlashData was tracking software developers and trends. Nearly two decades ago, we believed developers were designing the world we were moving quickly to become. Since then, the world has changed more than a few times. Leading to the irony of the newest trend. Our daily feeds are flooded by 2 contradictory highlights:

  1. Learning how ChatGPT and AI software like it makes our lives and jobs easier

  2. Mass tech layoffs

Well, with every challenge comes opportunity, and we decided to take a step back and find our clarity, to see our vision once again. Up till now we have been proud to say SlashData helps the world understand developers and developers understand the world, but why?

What is the value we create as a result?

A value-first approach

We started asking – What is the core of our business? What is the reason for our existence in the vast universe of 0s and 1s? Understanding Developers is still our core. Quite simply, it’s what we do. We help technology companies, all companies, across industries, understand developers in order to make the right investment decisions. Know your customer, know your user and don’t forget – know your non-user. Then, data is still in our DNA – as it should be. How can you make decisions confidently otherwise? Intuition isn’t cutting it. Let’s face it, maybe we are in the position we are today, because too many people make major investment decisions based on hunches and assumptions. This is why SlashData is so critical to the way businesses should make decisions. Now more than ever, investment decisions must be supported by data. Decision making backed by data is the only way to optimise spending, create efficiencies and keep jobs. Lastly, once you get down to the core of what we do – we listen to the market. We listen to developers. Tools, products, and solutions must be reactively built. If you’re not addressing a need, you are creating a solution for no one’s problem. Listening to developers, hearing their needs, preferences and whys, and then reacting to it is how you do that.

Mission to the future

This is how we will empower developers to code the future. Our vision is to give a voice to the developers that is amplified and spread to the world’s largest companies to help them make the right decisions, spend less on mistakes, and effectively, (dare I say it?) make the world a better place.  Here’s what will map our next steps 

Vision – Empowering developers to code the futureMission – Understand developers. Inspire the future of technology SlashData’s Mission and Vision 2023-onwards

We have the data, it’s now your turn to listen to it and Inspire the future of technology as a result.

*Drops mic*

Moschoula Kramvousanou is the CEO of SlashData.


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