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Webcast: Economic Models for Reinventing Telcos – Innovation Through APIs

Apigee and VisionMobile are doing a webcast on Telco Innovation, discussing economic models that will help Telcos reinvent themselves, as well as presenting some of the key trends from our recent Toolbox report.

Wednesday, February 6th, 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET (register)

Today mobile platforms, OTT disruptors, and thousands of apps encompassing all user needs compete with traditional telco services for a share of wallets. How can telcos manage the disruption and reinvent themselves? How do telcos think about ecosystem engineering? What is the real cost of doing nothing?

Join our very own Andreas Constantinou of VisionMobile and Bala Kasiviswanathan of Apigee for a discussion of the economic models Telcos can adopt to evolve their businesses across communications, content, and consumers to stay relevant in today’s economy.

[Update] The webcast has been completed – Check out the video and slides below.


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