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Why developers are NOT using your product

The Competitive Technology Landscape looks at your offering, your competition and the market and helps you understand where you stand. 

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What it tracks

  • Awareness

  • Adoption

  • Developer satisfaction

It allows you to understand which developers prefer what you are offering, the reasons why and how you can fine-tune it to invest in what matters most to developers. You can also track your offering’s awareness and benchmark it against the market. All these insights come directly from developers around the world. 

The Competitive Technology Landscape tracks the performance of competing technologies in

What it answers

  • How many developers are aware of, and how many are using your and your competitors’ solutions? 

  • Which solutions are developers adopting? Which are they abandoning? 

  • For what reasons is each solution rejected and adopted?

  • Which tool aspects matter the most to developers? How do they score the solutions they use based on these attributes?

  • How do competing solutions compare in terms of developer satisfaction score and NPS? 

  • What are the key weaknesses and strengths of each solution?

Through this solution, you can answer questions such as


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