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Tailored Survey Solutions

Everything you wanted to ask developers

Industry leaders have one thing in common: they understand their developer audience’s needs. Then, they deliver.

Does any of these sound familiar?

  • You surveyed your developer community but did not get the expected results

  • You thought of running a survey on your community, but the effort seems overwhelming and expensive

  • You want to hear from developers that are not part of your community, but you don’t know how to reach them

You can rely on our expertise and run the developer survey that is right for you, without sacrificing the energy, time, and resources or the budget of your team.

Launch your developer survey with SlashData

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Your insights, your choice


We serve people across:

  • Product Management

  • Developer Tooling

  • Developer Marketing

  • Support

  • Engagement

  • Developer Experience

  • DevRel - Developer Relations and Advocacy

  • Areas that touch the developer audience like tech writers, and content creators.

  • Communications & PR

  • Analyst Relations

Is this for you?

Tailored Survey Solutions

Tailored Survey Solutions are ideal for those looking to learn from their developer audience and community and at the same time allow you to:

  • Save time and internal resources by explaining your needs and letting us run the survey for you instead of working on it in-house

  • Take advantage of SlashData’s 15+ years of developer research experience

  • Lead the way on what you want to know and let SlashData design and host the survey

  • Address the audience you want

  • Dive into reliable insights and the data, analysed by our team through a rigorous methodology 

Leave out the guesswork. Talk to your community!

When you need an answer fast, Quick Capture Polls are all about time efficiency.


Quick Capture Polls are small-scale surveys that focus on: 

  • Asking 5-10 specific questions 

  • Addressing a small, targeted audience of up to 100 developers

  • Delivering the data in a much shorter timeframe. 

  • They utilise our 90,000+ member Developer Nation Community

Quick Capture Polls

Poll Surveys
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How the industry uses Quick Capture Polls

Who uses Quick Capture Polls and for what purpose? 

Here are some real-life use cases from a few of our clients where they:

  • Needed a baseline NPS for a product, shortly before a grand stakeholder annual event

  • Did a pulse check to decide the focus of topics to research during the next year

  • Depended on some new insights to re-evaluate their Go-To-Market strategy 

  • Wanted to understand the usage of Key Management Tools to help decide on which to adopt 

  • Evaluated their strategic decisions and direction by doing a cross-check in the middle of the year

  • Needed some additional data for a security-related topic

  • Wanted more updated data on e-commerce developers, after not having heard from  them in a while

Poll surveys are ideal for those who:

  • Have a few questions in mind 

  • Only need a small sample

  • Want the answers soon. 

SlashData will take care of the design, getting responses and analysing the data. 

Are Quick Capture

Polls for you?

What do you want to know?

3d design of 3 buzzers to signal replying to poll questions

See also

Designing a survey together

Developer Program Benchmarking

More specifically you get to see:

  • How do you compare with the leading developer programs in terms of satisfaction and engagement

  • Whether your developers engage more with your tool than others - competitive or not

  • Whether your developers are more satisfied with your offering than your competitors

  • Where you are outperforming or falling behind compared to your competition

SlashData will take care of running the developer survey that’s right for you, saving you both resources and budget.


Leverage our expertise

3d design of a questionmark in the center of data
Steps to running a tailored survey
  • We will work together to analyse your needs.

    Then we will make sure to design a questionnaire that asks the right questions. 

  • Our testing process is rigorous. We build the survey on our in-house, sophisticated surveying tool. This ensures that you will get the most out of your survey, during the fielding period.

  • Who do you want to hear from? 

    Your community of developer users or developers who don’t use your product/service?

    We know developers, and we know where to find them. Depending on your goals, we can adjust the focus of the survey target audience to ensure we get the answers you need, from the people you want. 

    You can always leave everything to us, or we can jointly work on addressing different audiences. The outreach process has 3 options to select from:


    By “external”, we mean reaching your developer audience of interest by looking outside your community or user base. We focus on hearing from developers not using your product/service and the whys behind their choices.


    Your users, your fans! In this option, we put your existing users in the centre of our focus. Hear how your users perceive your offering - directly from them.


    Hybrid is the combination of external and internal. We field answers both from developers who are in your user base and developers who are not. 


    No matter what our audience focus is, during the fielding process you will have access to resources that can help optimise the outreach efforts:

    • Best practices

    • Marketing optimisation

    • Analyst feedback

    • Outreach feedback 

    • Live tracking with a breadth of metadata that track all the key metrics.  

  • Our clients agree that our methodology is what makes us stand out. A core part of our methodology is the data cleansing and weighting process. It is a thorough, sophisticated process that produces a simple-to-explain result: all responses used for the analysis are real people answering the survey, cleared of bots, illogical answer flows and random responses. 

  • Time for the results you have been waiting for. Our seasoned analysts will produce the insights that matter to you and answer your questions. Then, you will be able to access these insights, the way you want

    • Do you need an in-depth analysis in form of a report? 

    • Do you prefer an interactive dashboard you can filter further? 

    • How about both?

    • Interested in thought leadership? In some cases, we can work together to create a report that will be available to everyone to access and will strengthen your image as an industry thought leader. 

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