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Visual chart summaries of the key insights
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Answers to key questions
  • What motivates developers to select or buy developer tools?

  • What makes developers want to evaluate new tools?

  • What makes developers abandon a free plan?

  • What makes developers upgrade from a free plan/trial to a paid version of a tool?

  • What challenges do developers face when upgrading from a free to a paid plan of a tool?

  • What pricing factors do developers consider important?

  • What justifies a higher price tag for a tool from a developer’s perspective?

Expert Analysis

With 17+ years of experience in developer surveys and a robust methodology to ensure you can always trust the data, our analysts look into the key differentiators and share all the key insights that come out of the data. 

They explain the charts and how the insights came to be, so you can better understand developers’ needs and make data-backed decisions. 

Discover why developers pay for a product

Dive into data and developers’ minds in this report. See what matters most to them when they make a purchase decision and adjust your strategy to accommodate their preferences for increased conversions.

They trust our data

Make developers happy in 4 steps


the report


Dive into the data and understand what developers expect


Adjust your strategy to address developers’ needs


Enjoy the % increase in conversions

What is waiting for you within this report:

What's inside?

Discover more about SlashData and our developer research.


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