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800+ Companies, 47 Market Sectors, One Atlas

(see for the latest Edition of the Mobile Industry Atlas)

The whole team are excited (and relieved!) to finally announce the launch of the second edition of our Mobile Industry Atlas. The Atlas has been three months in the making with our team and network of advisors involved in the immense task of filtering and reviewing 800+ leading companies in the industry.

This is the first time someone has put so many companies into one map and really distilled the complexity of the mobile industy into clear sense.

The Atlas is twice the size of our already successful first version – spanning 47 market sectors with up to 20 companies each – and also includes category definitions.


You can purchase an A1 wallchart or download a sample of the Atlas here.

This latest version showcases 800+ leading companies in 47 market sectors, spanning all major players involved from handset design through retailing including development and delivery of hardware, software, SIM cards, services and content.

The Mobile Industry Atlas maps the players involved from the core value chain framed by those who offer services, products and infrastructure to the two centres of gravity: the handset manufacturers and the network operators.


Core value chain: the vendors who form the backbone of the handset lifecycle, from industrial design houses to distributors and retailers.

Market sectors: Industrial design, user interface design, reference hardware designs, system integrators, ODMs and elec. manufacturing services, handset OEMs, mobile network operators, MVNOs, SIM card OEMs and appl. vendors, distributors, retailers.

Handset Manufacturer software, hardware & services: the vendors involved in providing software, hardware, technology (IP) and services to the OEMs during the design and development of the handset.

Market sectors: Input technology, plastics and mechanics, silicon, multimedia chipsets, baseband and application processors, operating systems, widget platforms, multimedia middleware, browsers, application environments, UI frameworks, software services.

Network Operator infrastructure & services: the vendors involved in providing infrastructure, software and services to network operators.

Market sectors: Content network and radio infra, service delivery platforms, mobile device management, content retailing and billing, SMS-MMS gateways and aggregators, call completion, voice messaging and voicemail, mobile commerce and payments, mobile service analytics, traffic and content optimisation, MVNEs, mobile video and music platforms, customer support services.

Content and service delivery to Network Operators and Handset Manufacturers: the vendors involved in providing content, services, technology (IP), tools and software to handset manufacturers and network operators for the deployment and delivery of value-added services.

Market sectors: Mobile content, games publishers, mobile advertising, mobile search, mobile messaging IM & VoIP, mobile social networking, location based services, email – contacts backup/restore, on-device portal solutions, active idle screen solutions, developer tools, targeting and personalisation.

The map also depicts the stage where each core value chain player is involved along the handset lifecycle, from product planning through design, implementation, sale and in-life use.

The Atlas is available to order here in A1 glossy wallchart format.

Thank you to everyone involved for all their hard work in getting this Atlas produced.

– Vanessa twitter: @visionmobile


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