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Announcing the Mobile Industry Atlas

(see for the latest Edition of the Mobile Industry Atlas)

After many months in the making, we ‘re announcing the Mobile Industry Atlas. The Atlas is a visual map of who’s who in the mobile handset industry, available in glossy A2 wallchart and PDF format. This is a comprehensive map showcasing 400+ leading companies across 30 market sectors, spanning all major players involved from handset design through retailing including development and delivery of hardware, software, SIM cards, services and content.

Atlas - sample

The Mobile Industry Atlas maps the players involved in the core value chain from handset design to retailing, framed by those who participate in the pre-load and post-load phases of the handset lifecycle:

Pre-load actors: the vendors involved in providing software, hardware and services to the core value chain during the design and development of the handset, and before the software is embedded into the handset.

Market sectors: Input Technology, Plastics & Mechanics, Multimedia Chipsets, Baseband and Appl. Processors, Multimedia & Graphics s/w, Browsers, App Exec Environments, On-Device Portal Solutions, Active Idle Screen Solutions, UI Frameworks.

Core value chain: the vendors who form the backbone of the handset design, development and retailing lifecycle, from industrial design houses to distributors and retailers.

Market sectors: Industrial and UI Design, Silicon and Hardware, Reference SW and HW Designs, Operating Systems, Middleware & Core Applications, System Integrators, Handset ODMs and EMSs, Handset OEMs, Mobile Operators, Distributors & Retailers.

Post-load actors: the vendors involved in providing content, services and delivering services after the handset has left the factory, and post-sales.

Market sectors: Mobile Content, Games Publishers, Service Delivery Platforms, Mobile Device Management, Content Retail & Billing, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Search, Content Targeting, Software Services, SIM card OEMs & Applications Vendors.

The Atlas is available to order in PDF and A2 wallchart format. Well done to all of the team for getting this out of the door!

– Andreas


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