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Are you safe from digital disruption?

Mobile business models are disrupting just about every industry.


Mobile carriers felt pretty comfortable, but while they were working on next-generation unified communication suites, companies like WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Line and WeChat bypassed them at full speed, making their investments irrelevant. In a very short time, those messaging apps amassed hundreds of millions of users each and are now eating away substantial chunks of SMS revenues. At the other side of the mobile telephony industry, leading incumbents like Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola or Microsoft got the rug swept from under them by two unlikely newcomers: a computer vendor (Apple) and an online advertising company (Google). How about you? Is your business safe from digital disruption? (Hint: the answer is probably no.)

What makes mobile so powerful – powerful enough to up-end decades-old, firmly established industries – is more than technology. The challengers use a new approach to business models to create profitable growth.

Apple created a new mobile computing market by connecting app developers with smartphone users. Google opened up the smartphone market for a large number of participants and changed the basis of competition for handset makers. Amazon’s Kindle and Xiaomi turned the device maker business model on its head entirely, making hardware a distribution channel instead of a profit center.

VisionMobile research has “cracked the code” underpinning  the strategies and business models of the world’s most successful technology companies. Today, VisionMobile helps its clients re-apply the lessons learned from the telecoms shake-up to other industries that are shifting as a result of rapid mobile adoption.

On November 14 and 15, we’re holding an Mobile Innovation Economics workshop in London, where you too can discover how to launch, grow, and defend businesses in a world of mobile ecosystems and cross-industry competitive arenas. [UPDATE: Registrations for this workshop have been closed.]

In the workshop, we will discuss what we can learn from the success of leading companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook that leverage ecosystems to create sustainable competitive advantage. We will show how can you use these patterns to compete and win in your rapidly changing market. We’ll touch on topics like how you can use developers to off-load risk and uncover value, and which ingredients technologies like HTML5, WebRTC or M2M are missing in order to grow into full-blown platforms.

After this workshop, participants will…

  1. Understand the business models and the key motivations of the leading ecosystem players

  2. Understand the competitive landscape and success patterns of ecosystem competition

  3. Have a common language of innovation that you can use in your ongoing strategy discussions

  4. See how to prepare your organisation to compete in the ecosystem era

Register now to learn from the experts and see opportunities that others miss.


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