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Carnival of the Mobilists #165

Welcome to the 165th edition of the Carnival of the Mobilists! This week’s Carnival is hosted by VisionMobile!


This week has seen a truly diverse amount of topics keeping bloggers busy from App Stores to Net Neutrality and Voice…

Given the fact that the highest selling handsets in Europe last year were NOT Smartphones, Ian Wood at Digital Evangelist asks just what should you be developing for the App Store and discusses the probable failure of the App Store.

Another person discussing App Stores is Volker Hirsch at his Volker on Mobile Entertainment blog. Microsoft has a central market place for Windows Mobile applications in the making and Volker looks at whether the Microsoft App Store is better than Apple.

There are more and more data and statistics coming in showing the extent to which the iPhone is becoming the dominant mobile internet device and mobile software ecosystem. James Coops at mjelly provides a collection of iPhone statistics and data sources on App Store for anyone interested on the topic.

Over the past two years Martin Sauter at the WirelessMoves bloghas written a number of posts on how to do voice calls over LTE and the lack of a simple and straightforward voice solution. In his latest blog post he writes about the Voice over LTE with GAN (VOLGA) forum creation.

Developers, testers, product managers and designers spend too much time creating products in terms of screens with known sizes says Barbara Ballard at her Little Springs Design Blog. In her post Photoshop layout is not your friend, Barbara says that while this methodology was never actually good, it’s particularly bad in mobile. It will cost you time and money.

Have you been following the major debate in Europe about Net Neutrality? Ajit Jaokar certainly has – he provides a balanced ‘unsexed up’ perspective of this debate at his OpenGardens blog as he tries to untangle the various threads of the Net neutrality argument.

Recently Google announced that they will start ‘behavioural targeting’ for web searches. Andrew Grill writes at his London Calling blog about what this move could mean for mobile advertising.

Mark van ‘t Hooft over at Ubiquitous Thoughts also discusses Google and the announcement of their new service, Google Voice. Mark is interested to see how the voice and internet-based components of this service will interact and interface with each other.

Chetan Sharma at AORTA asks what’s your carrier strategy? Go global or go small? Chetan works with a ton of mobile startups and entrepreneurs and one of the questions that he addresses is invariably the carrier strategy. How do you decide which carriers to pursue and if you go for smaller operators or go for the big ones?

Finally, have you ever wondered how to copy PC bookmarks to UCWEB? You have? Well Dennis Bournique at WAPReview provides a detailed step-by-step guide to importing these bookmarks.

The post of the week honours go to Ajit Jaokar and his ‘unsexing’ of the Net Neutrality debate; Ajit untangles the many debates and sub-topics behind Net-Neutrality in one of the most thorough posts on this topic. Chetan Sharma comes at a close second for his analysis of operator strategy for mobile startups, and especially for his analysis for top-10 operators in terms of mobile services revenue. Great work Ajit and Chetan!

Next week tune in to wipJAM for the 166th installment of the best of the mobile blogging- and please keep those thought pieces coming!

– Vanessa twitter: @visionmobile (while on the topic of market insights, make sure to check out our hugely successful Mobile Megatrends 2009 series below.)

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