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How Okta is Broadening Their Developer Network with SlashData’s Developer Program Benchmarking

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

SlashData’s Developer Program Benchmarking report provides annual insights into developer behavior and trends that help tech companies make better, data-driven decisions.

Many Big Tech companies have come to trust our unique data insights in helping them understand developers better and shape their strategies.

Here’s how one of them –Okta– is using SlashData’s Developer Program Benchmarking to stand out and unlock more developer opportunities.

The Gap.

Optimize Developer Strategies that Boost Okta’s Developer Community.

Every tech company needs to have a better understanding of their developer-user base — so they can make more informed decisions. Plus, having a clearer view of the strengths and weaknesses of your developer programs will expose how you measure up against competitors and how to stand out.

To achieve this, it becomes necessary to:

  1. Track your program adoption rate –anywhere in the world

  2. Stay on top of developer satisfaction with your programs

  3. See how competitor developer programs are scoring – what they’re doing right and the gaps you can capitalize on

  4.  Measure the performance of your specific offerings based on what developers value

…and so on.

Tech companies like Okta are using SlashData’s Developer Program Benchmarking to do just that.

“A Must-Have Resource for Developer Relations”

“Over the years, I’ve used SlashData’s reports to understand and prioritize what matters to developers. I’ve found the reports quite helpful in terms of identifying areas for improvement and the impact of our investments.

For example, when I was at Mozilla, we noticed our satisfaction score for blogs and newsletters wasn’t where we’d like it to be. So, we invested in creating a developer newsletter and improving the blog. 

And in 18 months, we saw our satisfaction score for this area rise to the top 3. This satisfaction score and other standard metrics (reach, opens, etc.) helped us determine how successful our program was. Now, at Okta, I’m again using the report to identify areas for improvement and will invest in our documentation, blog and website. SlashData reports give us a trendline that shows, over time, if and how these investments pay off, and allow us to make changes if we are not seeing results.”

—Ali Spivak

Sr. Director of Developer Relations, Okta [ex. Mozilla]

The Results.

Instead of second-guessing developers’ interests and neglecting areas of investments that count, Director of Developer Relations – Ali Spivak – could use SlashData’s reports to:

  1. Help determine areas of investment and to see –over time — how those investments impact developer adoption and satisfaction level

  2. Provide invaluable insights on how their program was performing and where their opportunities for growth lie

  3. Shape and augment the user research they were already conducting and focus more on specific areas that required attention

  4. Track developers’ satisfaction scores with their program and specific offerings

  5. Benchmark how Okta’s developer programs stack up against other developer programs to provide them with a model of improvement

  6. Help stakeholders understand what developers are experiencing and prioritizing, their needs, and also justify the investments made into developer programs

Here’s How We Can Work Together to Build a Thriving Developer Ecosystem…

In today’s diverse and complex developer ecosystem, there’s real power in knowing where to focus your efforts to help build a thriving developer community.

That’s what SlashData’s Developer Program Benchmarking helps you achieve.

With SlashData, you get:

Data-Driven Insights for Effective Decision-making

Data is the fuel that drives the engine of decision-making – as a data-driven company, we’re always aware of its immense value.

So, when you come to us and share your current challenges, we work to help you see and understand how much difference data-backed decision-making can make.

We’re always ready to engage and walk you through the data –so you can uncover and bridge the current gaps you’re experiencing.

Client-Tailored Global Developer Survey

SlashData’s Developer Program Benchmarking report is a syndicated research study available to tech companies who are subscribed to our program. It is based on data collected in our Global Developer Nation survey that’s fielded twice per year.

If your developer program hasn’t been benchmarked, we will include it in the upcoming editions of our in-depth research study.

There are many hidden potentials for your growth in engaging developers in a way that targets their needs and  improves their experiences.

That’s why we survey about 20 developer programs every 6 months, as the list of programs benchmarked is ever-changing. This helps us learn more about what boosts satisfaction and adoption rates for developers.

Full Access to Deliverables for Close Monitoring

We provide full access to the agreed deliverables as soon as they get completed.

These usually include a market landscape report, insights report specific to your company, and an interactive data dashboard that allows filtering and zeroing in on a particular developer segment.

Our clients have found these reports quite useful in helping them shape and even augment the user research they are already conducting on their own.

These deliverables will help you pinpoint the specific places you should be focusing on for in-depth user research.

Plus, it provides areas of opportunities where you can exploit advantages over competition to stand out.

Beyond ready to build stronger relationships with your developer community?

Get in touch and we will dive in together in the solutions that will win developers’ hearts.


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