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The carrousel of mobile blogging

If you haven’t been to the Carnival of the Mobilists before, you should give it a spin. Every week the Carnival is hosting a page-long summary of the best of mobile blogging on the web, a one-stop destination for catching up on what’s been happening in the world of mobile phones and wireless services. The Carnival enjoys a faithful community of frequent bloggers who keep the carrousel spinning – mostly industry insiders and analysts – and is compiled each week by a different member of this vibrant community. The Carnival is an exemplary, self-sustained collection of informal but highly informational blogging, thriving on quality reporting and educated opinion that in turn warrants peer recognition and blogosphere visibility.

Here at the VisionMobile Forum we have been fortunate to have been featured in the Carnival several times in the last few months, most notably on:

  1. A thesis on operator strategy titled Operators: Service Pipes or Bit-Pipes?, which won post-of the-week honours at C. Enrique Ortiz Mobility Weblog and is currently at the top of the shortlisted entries for best post of November 2006

  2. Hampus’ inspirational User interfaces and soft walled gardens of tomorrow mentioned by David Beers on Software Everywhere

  3. An opinionated piece on why Motorola’s AJAR is set to follow in Nokia’s S60 footsteps mentioned at Golden Swamp

  4. A Linux market analysis titled Mapping mobile Linux: from Lego bricks to castles mentioned at Xen Mendelsohn’s Xelllular Identity

  5. The analysis of Customisation vs Personalisation which won post-of-the-week honours over at Tarek’s blog

  6. and finally Prioritize: Take over the world or Enjoy good margins, mentioned at All About Symbian

Cheers to the Carnival !


P.S. The Forum is back online after suffering some downtime over the past weekend. Lesson learned: dependable support from web hosts is hard to find. Hopefully our new home will live up to its reputation.


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