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The Clash of Ecosystems & The life and death of mobile platforms

Presenting our new infographic – the Clash of Ecosystems. Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, bada and others are locked in a winner-takes-all battle – and everything revolves around an ecosystem. This infographic presents key figures for each of our competing platforms, smartphone penetration per region – but it also shows what happened to platforms that didn’t make it. Which platform has the largest sales base?  Which has the largest app store, with the most downloads? Check out the answers in the Clash of Ecosystems infographic – as well as the mural of dead (or dying) platforms, our Dead Platform Graveyard.

This infographic is based on the VisionMobile report “Clash of Ecosystems”, available for free download at

Feel free to copy the infographic and embed it in your website (embed codes below the infographic).


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