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VisionMobile Blog – Print Edition 2008

To celebrate another year of blogging at VisionMobile, we ‘ve just published a glossy brochure titled ‘VisionMobile Blog, Print Edition 2008’. This brochure contains eleven of the best articles that appeared on the blog in the last year.

Brochure preview

The Print Edition 2008 contains excerpts from the following eleven articles, organised along several themes:

Theme: Mobile operator strategies: Container projects: The next chapter in handset customisation (June 07) Motorola’s UIQ: Diversion or U-Turn? (October 07)

Theme: OEM strategies The headaches of being a handset OEM (April 07)

Theme: Service delivery technologies On-device portals: Sardines in a can (February 07) Activating the idle screen (June 07)

You can download the PDF version of the brochure here. If you prefer the brochure in its glossy 200gsm paper glory, drop us a line with your postal address and we ‘ll send it through by snail mail (offer valid until March 7th).


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