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The National Trends Survey Lifts Off

Our 10th anniversary survey officially launched as of yesterday 15/10/2015. The National Trends Survey is completely updated – with newer questions concerning cloud, IoT, mobile, and desktop trends for the last 6 months.

We’ve added free prize categories like the Developer Benchmarks & Country Scorecards – making the survey process that more enjoyable for all our participants. These are designed to help developers a) compare themselves with other devs from their country/region and b) see how their country compares to other parts of the world.  

New surveys come with new goals, that’s why the VisionMobile team is pushing for even wider reach this time around – specifically 15,000+ developers. We want to make sure that the free report we give to the developer community contains the freshest of insights. Bear in mind that the survey duration is 6 weeks. If you’re a developer, help yourself and contribute to this research.

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