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Fighting COVID-19 with collective industry effort

SlashData to join the Fellowship19 initiative

As a developer economy analyst firm, SlashData is a mediator between the developer population and the network of thought leaders in developer marketing and developer relations. Our primary aim is to help the world understand developers and developers understand the world. Such a role enables us to see the immense value in communities, and what power the tech industry as a community can generate to continuously drive itself forward.

Industry answer to COVID-19 – Fellowship19

In light of current events caused by the global outbreak of COVID-19, we, along with many others, have to make hard business decisions from postponing events and suspending field client visits, to shifting our annual strategy. While we’re forced to stock up with patience and resistance to not be taken away by the circumstance, SlashData’s team remains determined to give back to our community and clients, as well as, extend our effort to support others in the industry.

That is why SlashData is joining a kind initiative called Fellowship19 with a clear mission: “Tech is our family. We help our family overcome the Covid-19 crisis, for free.”

Together with other tech professionals, we will offer our help for free to support tech companies of all sizes stay afloat during the global crisis we are experiencing. SlashData will support the tech community by offering advice on content marketing, event planning (shifting from offline to online) and thought leadership.

“We rise by lifting others.” — Robert G. Ingersoll

This is a great reminder of how community members can empower one other in the most unpredictable circumstances, and hold on together even in the face of a global crisis. Whether your business already has its own content to share with their community or not, there are many ways to give a hand to your industry peers digitally.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. While our Future Developer Summit has been postponed to October, we provide additional resourceful online content for our community of professionals in developer relations, experience and marketing in the format of newsletters and webinars.

  2. We combined our expertise and love for developer marketing into a DevRelx, a hub for professionals and enthusiasts in developer relations, experience and marketing, with multiple free resources for your professional growth such as podcast with experts in the field, industry news, job openings, the latest trends of the developer ecosystem and more.

  3. As remote-first techie team, we have built a strong organisational culture and have valuable insights to share on how to manage a remote team while nurturing not only the productivity but a human element as well. Tips, tools and tricks – all disclosed in a write-up and video by SlashData’s CEO Andreas Constantinou.

Submit your question, find more experts who are ready to help, or offer your expertise on Fellowship19 website:

You can also send your inquiries directly to Viktorija – Events & PR Lead at SlashData.

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